Orpington and District Angling Association
Terms & Conditions

ODAA Rules

Members MUST :


1)         Abide by the rules of the club

2)         Have the correct and  current Environment Agency rod licence Club Officials may check rod licences

3)         Carry their membership cards when visiting our waters

4)         Not exceed 5mph when driving on any ODAA fishery land.

5)         Park in designated parking areas

6)         Use unhooking mats at all times when specimen fishing

7)         Use a minimum of a 42Landing net when specimen fishing

8)         Have scales, weigh slings, cameras ready for use before removing fish from the water

9)         Return all fish to the same water as soon as possible (NO sacking / retaining of fish allowed except keepnets for ‘silver fish’ only.

10)       Carry a Carp Care kit at all times when carp fishing and use where appropriate

11)       Only fish your swim and the water in front of you

12)       Use a minimum of 15lb breaking strain line when specimen fishing

13)       Not use more than 3 rods on the Big Lake and New Barge Lake

14)       Not use more than 2 rods on all other waters

15)       Take all litter home and dispose of it responsibly

16)       Lock gates after entry and exit




17)       Fish to be removed or introduced to any fishery

18)       Non-paying guests except authorised members partners / carers

19)       Rods to be left unattended. No lines to be in the water unless the angler is present.

20)       Fixed rigs. Rigs may be inspected by the bailiff at any time

21)       Junior members are allowed to fish the Big Lake unless in close proximity to a     responsible adult member.

22)       Dogs, fires, loud music, excessive alcohol, drug taking, swimming or wading

23)       Live baiting

24)       Nuts of any kind are allowed

25)       Braided mainline allowed except when lure fishing

26)       Swim is to be left vacated for more than 2 hours

27)       Use of bait boats, other than on the Big Lake and New Barge Lake at Ruxley

28)       Drones or any other similar intrusive / noisy device which may annoy other anglers.

29)       ‘Kebabs’ or any similar fishing method which involves putting buoyant materials    inside deadbaits when fishing for predators.





30)       Members are responsible for their guests

31)       Members are allowed a maximum of one guest ticket per session

32)       Tickets must be purchased before fishing

33)       Guests must be accompanied by their host at all times

34)       Guests are not allowed to fish the Big Lake at Ruxley.

35)       No guest tickets allowed in the month of April - see website for ticket retailers

36)       The bailiff’s word is final. Members do have the right to appeal decisions by writing to the committee.






37)       ODAA reserves the right to withdraw or suspend any member at our discretion should they break any of the above rules. No refund of any monies shall be paid. All decisions made by the committee are final and are not subject to appeal. Please remember Ruxley Lakes is a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest); we are answerable to the Environment Agency our landlord, English Nature & Kent Wildlife Trust.



In addition to the Rules shown here, all ODAA anglers are subject to EA byelaws for the South East Region and for the avoidance of any doubt the link is shown here. The EA Byelaws are laws that govern all angling irrespective of any additional club Rules.